Our Clients

Grahall has helped many organizations deploy their human capital resources effectively. Our clients range from the world’s largest to employers with as few as 10 employees. We have also worked in every conceivable industry. A majority of our clients have worked with us for decades.

Key Stakeholders

We truly hope to become known by the stakeholder “company we keep” and the value we provide to all of our stakeholders. We at Grahall recognize obligations to the following stakeholders:

  • Our Customers, Clients, and Users – you deserve our complete and uncompromising efforts to make you successful and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish what success.
  • Our Partners – we deliver our services only with the assistance and partnership of many individuals and organizations. We will endeavor to fulfill the expectation that we work in true partnership with you and your stakeholders in an honest and forthright manner to the goal of mutual success.
  • Our Consultants – we expect a great deal from our consultants (maybe more than any firm in our industry). In return we will assist you in every way possible to increase your individual value and give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day in direct proportion to the contribution you make to clients and our firm.
  • Owners – those individuals and organizations that invested in our organization should expect to be well rewarded over the long-term.

Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs

Our Vision (where we are going ) is and will always be to create value for client/users through the work we perform. We work with our user/clients to create value, and all aspects of our firm will support this vision. We are and will continue to be a singularly focused organization that deploys its resources effectively to create great value for our clients.

Our Mission (what we do) is to work tirelessly to expand our client/user’s effectiveness. Effectiveness is how we measure success in value creation. Our standard requires that every output we deliver has measurable positive impact on our client/user’s organization.

Our Organization Values are and will always be 1) we work exclusively for our client/users, we will unconditionally decline assignments that create a conflict of interest, we communicate honestly and directly with our client/users and we value diversity of people, ideas, processes, and solutions.

Our Beliefs are that being a professional means adhering to time tested values such as integrity, honesty, and directness. 

Our Business Strategy

We intend to provide services to a range of clients and users through multiple channels (in-person, in-mass, over the web, etc.) that make those users more successful. Our expertise domain will be on the value exchange between organizations and individuals. We also expect to be able to provide our client organizations with people strategy (structure, processes, talent, and culture) that optimizes the contributions and intellectual capital of individuals associated with our firm and thereby creates unprecedented value for them.

Grahall Services

Brochure for Grahall Services in 2019.

Grahall Business Units

Grahall Consulting Partners, LLC provides market leading human resources consulting services to executives, Boards of Directors, Compensation Committees, and other management. Our methodologies are targeted to better align clients’ business with comprehensive people strategies through the use of advanced proprietary solutions including concepts, processes, diagnostic and analytical tools, research, statistical and other analysis.

Grahall Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) provides consulting in the specialized DEI, pay equity and comparable worth areas.

Grahall Expert Witness provides reasonable compensation determination and testimony in tax, matrimonial, bankruptcy and partner disputes.

Grahall Omnimedia manages the flow of Grahall’s intellectual capital to our clients/users through the publication of research reports, books, articles, press releases, investor alerts, presentations, magazines, and videos.

Grahall Survey and Data Services engages in substantive survey projects regarding critical business, human resource, and investment issues to help clients establish, refine, and improve their business, compensation and investment practices.

Grahall Research Institute conducts in-depth research in an effort to maintain a digital library of resources. These resources are available to assist clients with their research needs and to support Grahall’s regulatory, consulting, investment, staffing, training and publishing efforts with relevant market research.

Grahall Workforce Solutions meets the talent management and staffing needs or our clients. In the continually changing competitive landscape, talented management and other key employees are crucial to success.

Grahall Online Solutions or Software as a Solution (SaaS) - is a distinctive suite of web-based tools targeted to human resource professionals, executives, and Directors. These tools assist the user to obtain, calculate and analyze information necessary to execute key business, people and reward strategy work.

Grahall Properties is a conference and training center used by Grahall consultants, partners, and client/users seeking to create or exchange significant insights and to identify and resolve current issues affecting their respective businesses.

Our Locations

Although Grahall is primarily a virtual company, we are headquartered in New York, New York with our center of intellectual capital in Cavendish, Vermont. You can also Find a Grahall Consultant or office in most major metropolitan areas of the United States, Canada. We have also recently expanded to Zurich Switzerland. 

Our People Strategy

Our business strategy is our people strategy and vice versa. We will be the place in the industry for experts in the advisory services profession consistent with our business knowledge domain. We expect to be able to provide an organization model and people strategy (structure, processes, and culture) that optimizes the contributions and intellectual capital of individuals associated with our firm and thereby create unprecedented value for them and their clients and stakeholders.

Our business and people strategy models are designed to attract the top decile consultants and top percentile consulting partners. We expect individuals to come to Grahall when it makes sense for them and for the organization, to contribute in a way that fulfills them, and to leave when the relationship no longer works for either party.

We are a virtual organization. Our infrastructure is completely outsourced. Only consultants are employees. There are no layers of non-consulting management. All of our management is decentralized to the consultant so that they can better serve their clients. There are no non-competes in Grahall. We all share in the creation and distribution of our intellectual capital and when an individual or team wishes to strike out on their own, we will do everything possible to make them and their stakeholders successful.