...your online portal to Grahall's extensive library of cutting edge intellectual property.

Grahall's diversified business is founded on a deep appreciation of the impact of human capital on organizational success. Omnimedia is a window into our knowledge center where you can access our collective intellectual property. These materials come in all forms delivered through research studies, project plans, videos, blogs, eMagazines, and many other forms of communications described below.

Analytical Tools Grahall analytical tools can be used to discover and communicate meaningful insights and patterns in data and information, turning data and information into insight!  Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

Articles & White Papers  Grahall articles are written and published in newspapers, magazines, books, and blogs.  The hundreds of articles cover all conceivable subjects in the people strategy subject area. Sometimes you just shout it out! Grahall’s white papers do just that. Whenever a Grahall consultant wants to get something off their chest they let fly with a white paper. Sometimes humorous, most times serious, we let our readers know how experienced individuals assess a certain subject. Grahall’s white papers are always provocative.

Books & Chapters of Books  There is nothing like a book to communicate in-depth and complex concepts at a deep level. Grahall chooses its authors not just for their mastery of the subject but for their ability to communicate clearly and thoughtfully.  Sometimes, however, you only need what you need so why buy the whole book? Grahall’s books are available as single chapters so that the users can focus on what they want and need in the near term.

Case Studies  Case studies provide a unique approach to communicating the real life outcomes of complex theories and projects.  It is like having “been there and done that” before you are there and do that. Grahall’s case studies (offered in “mini” and lengthier form) provide perspectives on how to deliver successful outcome and the mistakes that others have experienced.

Communications Tools  When it comes to communications why reinvent the wheel? It is very helpful to see how someone else got it done.  We have gathered communications programs designed with clients so that others can see great (and occasionally not so great) communications efforts on an anonymous basis.

Concepts  When a picture is worth a thousand words…  Grahall consultants use all kinds of media to make complex ideas understandable. We have gathered those concepts in a single place on our Omnimedia website.

Diagnostics & Questionnaires  Grahall is known for its diagnostic methodologies. These can take the form of questionnaires (scored and unscored), interview methods, and other discovery and interpretation processes. If you are going to evaluate an area within your organization, Grahall has a family of questionnaires that can be a starting place for the development of your own questionnaire or to use as is.

HR Project Plans  These automated project plans (or online solutions) cover the entire waterfront of people strategy subjects. With over 100 pages of instructions and insights these project plans have been used by top consultants across the globe. These proven methodologies come with tools that can be downloaded from the website.

Investor Insights  As part of our long relationship with organizations and investors we understand that there are investment consequences of certain actions that impact an organization’s stock price or valuation.  These insights highlight the actions that we have seen which can predict changes in an organization’s value.

Logic and Linkage Tools  Grahall’s logic and linkage tools display in detail the inputs and outcomes (the “if” and “then”) of many complex issues in today’s people and organizational relationships and exchanges.

Our Latest Thinking including Blogs, our eMagazine & Videos  Grahall blogs present timely and relevant information on today’s important people and organization issues. These blogs address urgent and important issues and provide our freshest thinking on a wide range of subjects. 

Our free eMagazine – PSX: The Exchange for People Strategy offers deep insights and intelligence into the issues of the day.  Take a look through over 200 articles on subjects that touch on all of people and HR related issues. 

YouTube Grahall Consulting Channel  - Ok, so we aren’t Marlon Brando or Katharine Hepburn, but we do have a YouTube Grahall Consulting Channel where we showcase our insights for the audience that doesn’t “do” books. Subjects range from recruiting to organization design.

Presentations & Training Presentations  Here, we provide presentations and speeches we have made to clients and groups (with names redacted, of course).  These presentation tools will give you a head start when developing your own presentations.  Like general presentations described above, these are designed with the purpose of developing a skill, knowledge, or ability specific to the people and organization value exchanges, Grahall’s training presentations can be used to create a more qualified workforce.

Research Reports  Grahall’s research efforts are legendary. It’s not just information, it is insight!  Our research reports don’t simply regurgitate data. The studies are full of keen perspectives and useful operational information.  Oh, and the data, of course!