Employee Relations, Communications and Government Compliance Services

Policy Development and Communication

Developing a sense of employee commitment from today’s multi-dimensional workforce is a challenge centered in the policies that outline “the deal” between the organization and its employees. Beyond the compensation and benefits programs are the organization’s policies that capture and communicate the details of this relationship. We work with organizations to review and design employee relations policies that can make the organization an employer of choice, thereby making its human capital more effective at a lower cost.

Culture and Engagement Studies

Most executives know there is a close relationship between employee engagement and corporate culture work, making employee culture and engagement studies a critical aspect of the organization’s success. Grahall has established a series of diagnostic and interpretive services to not only understand the current and desired (or needed) organizational culture necessary for success in the future, but also how to engage employees as the organization migrates to this new culture. The process our consulting teams use is unique. Its focus is on improving an organization’s performance by matching its culture to the requirements of its business and people strategies.

Employee Attitude/Climate Surveys

Employee attitudes and organizational climate can be effective predictors of organizational success. Studies have shown both to be directly related to the organization’s productivity, employee turnover, union organizing interest, and, ultimately, profitability. Grahall has established a series of employee attitude and climate studies for hundreds of organizations. Our Consultants have developed and conducted these studies for close to 40 years in almost every industry and type of organization in the world. The process our consulting teams use is unique; its focus is on improving an organization’s performance by matching its culture to the requirements of its business and people strategies.

Compliance Audits and Regulatory Services

Grahall provides services specific to regulatory compliance and technical assistance when interpreting changes in tax, accounting, benefits, labor, compensation and/or securities law and their impact on program design and operation. These services include, but are not limited to, the review of plan documents, changein-control arrangements, severance agreements, stock arrangements, and other compensation, benefits, retirement, and employee relations plans. Our consultants are actuaries, lawyers, accountants, and tax specialists. All of our senior Consulting Partners have more than 25 years of experience.

Employee Communications Programs

Grahall understands that the best program design in the world will only be effective if the key stakeholders understand and attribute a credible meaning to the plan which, in turn, governs their behavior and alignment with the business strategy. Grahall has been a longtime pioneer in transforming organizational communications programs into tools for increasing shareholder and organizational value. For over 20 years, our Consultants have served clients as communications experts, assisting them in developing effective communications to complement organizational change.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are going through a transformation. What used to be hard copy and frequently left unread, employee handbooks are now multimedia documents which help set the vision, mission, and values of the organization. Not only do they now cover the entire range of issues associated with today’s modern complex organizations, legal-rights savvy employees are reading them and relying on them to influence their behaviors and expectations in the workplace. Writing and maintaining these extremely valuable documents, while a difficult chore, has become one that cannot be left undone In addition, employee handbooks help clarify the day-to-day work roles that need to be maintained for the organization to be effective. Grahall’s Consultants are uniquely effective at creating these documents to be of the greatest use to both the company and the employees. Well-written, effective employee handbooks create the kind of adherence to important work roles that decrease the chance of legal issues arising from noncompliance with important work environment issues.

Employment and Confidentiality Agreements

Employment contracts, including non-compete, change-in-control, confidentiality and severance agreements all need careful attention as they have the potential of being highly impactful; they are a great help to your organization, but they can also become a problem if not executed properly.

Compensation and Benefits Compliance

In today’s world of highly regulated relations between an employee and employer, it becomes increasingly important to determine effective compliance with all federal, state and local regulatory statutes. Grahall Consultants have been effective for over 35 years helping organizations comply with these regulatory mandates. In addition to being familiar with the technical requirements of the various regulations, Grahall is also experienced in guiding executives in the determination of the types of efforts that should be used for compliance.

Non-Discrimination Audits

Nondiscrimination audits are an important risk mitigation effort in today’s modern organizations. In addition to risk mitigation, the approach the organization takes to comply with nondiscrimination regulations sets the tone for various employment values.

Employee/Employer Rights Reviews

Grahall Consultants have experience in developing appropriate programs to protect the organization against violations of various employee/employer rights. Many Grahall Consultants have also been through numerous union negotiations and union avoidance campaigns.