Talent Management and Staffing Services

Employee and Executive Search

In the continually changing competitive landscape, having the appropriate talent, especially in key strategic positions, is crucial to success. Acquiring the right executives, managers, thought leaders and other key personnel in a timely efficient and cost-effective manner is often the difference between executing a winning strategy and failing to do so. Our employee and executive search capability and process differentiates us from other human capital consultancies. It enhances our ability to leverage our team’s depth of understanding of human capital practices with our experience in staffing and search. Our Search model is unique in the industry and our services are delivered as a business solutions consultancy. We do not just fill a slot; we build teams to solve problems. Our experience spans most key functions including Finance, Human Resources, Legal/Audit/Compliance, Technology, Sales and Operations. We emphasize that the key differentiators of Grahall Employee and Executive Search reflect the values developed during decades of our Consultant’s recruiting and management experience.

Recruitment Process Design

Continuing enhancement of the talent supply chain is the only way for companies to retain the best talent in the industry. The “war for talent” never goes away. Quality and performance of human capital now contributes to competitive advantage in the same way as more traditional differentiators such as financial strength and technology once did. Attraction, assessment, selection, and acquisition of talent is no longer just the problem of a handful of recruiters or hiring managers. It is an enterprise issue requiring systems, processes, tools, and metrics. In addition, to be successful, it must identify the appropriate talent needed to fulfill the organization's business strategy.

Employee Orientation and Mentoring

On-boarding and mentoring have become much higher priorities in today’s organizations as a result of the changing needs of the workforce, economy and technology. Successful organizations know how important it is to develop successful employee behaviors on the first day of employment and enforce them through the employee’s tenure. Mentoring programs have become sophisticated and effective over the last 10 years and are now considered mandatory for the majority of successful organizations. Continuing enhancement of the talent supply chain is a highly recognized way for companies to retain the best talent in the industry thereby attaining competitive advantage.

Employee/Leadership Assessment

An assessment is the true starting point for any developmental engagement. Not only is it essential in determining the current reality of the organizations’ human capital performance, it is the most cost-effective way to retain and identify future leaders. At Grahall, we believe in “Gap-Analysis” assessments. Being aware of the gap between what a leader thinks their performance is, and what their team perceives it to be, is crucial in becoming a superior leader. We have many assessment tools. In addition, our Consultants have been innovators in the field with the development and use of Performance Motive Profile assessments.

Performance Management Program Design

Our proprietary approach to performance management program design focuses on the role and contribution of the position to the organization and its related business strategy. We go beyond “best practices” and norms to develop an in-depth understanding for the type of performance management program that is right for the organization. As such, we rely on our research on best performing organizations at similar stages of development to advise our clients on the appropriate performance management programs to drive their business strategy. Our approach considers the total performance management cycle – performance planning and goal setting; recalibration and “check- in,” and annual performance appraisal. We are also able, with our compensation experts, to create pay for performance incentives.

Employee Training and Development

An organization always performs more competitively if its workforce is trained to accomplish critical elements within its business strategy. Grahall Consultants develop specific training and development programs to meet an organization’s unique needs. Our approach is to link the training to required organizational capabilities and specific positions while maximizing the use of the organization’s training budget. Our approach considers the total environment of the business as well as the organization’s critical success factors. We are surgical with our solutions and measure our success by the gain in organizational performance.

Leadership Development Programs

Enhancing the performance of human capital is a critical element of building a superior organization. Leadership development programs are an extremely cost-effective way of identifying and developing leaders which, in turn, helps retain top talent. The Grahall core Leadership Development Program is uniquely designed to take leaders at any level through our five-ring process to superior leadership performance. We show how motivation, emotional and social intelligence, leadership styles, organizational climate and power goal setting are key factors in being able to achieve discretionary effort, increased performance and superior bottom-line results. Grahall also offers a comprehensive, one year program where we partner with organizations to help them identify, develop, and coach their high-potential leaders. It is widely accepted by CEOs and senior management that few leadership development interventions are as powerful as executive and organizational coaching. Coaching is the one discipline that sustains behavioral change. Without coaching, individuals tend to fall back into their comfort zones and old patterns of behavior. Grahall’s Consultants developed the Power Coaching® model to meet the needs of the corporate athlete looking to enhance their leadership performance.

Talent and Team Development

Enhancing the performance of human capital is a critical element of building a superior organization. Talent and team development programs are an extremely cost-effective way of identifying opportunities to increase the sustainability of the organization. Grahall Consultants have many years of experience across multiple industries working with CEOs and their senior teams to increase the team’s ability to drive change, align strategic goals, executive smartly and develop bench strength. All of these activities have demonstrated a direct impact on the ability of the organization to meet its goals.

Coaching Services

It is widely accepted by CEOs and senior management that few leadership development interventions are as powerful as executive and organizational coaching. Coaching is one discipline that sustains behavioral change. Without coaching, individuals tend to fall back into their comfort zones and old patterns of behavior. Grahall Consultants have provided executive and organizational coaching to many organizations, impacting their behavior and bottom line results. The Grahall approach to coaching is unique in its treatment of individuals as corporate athletes looking to enhance their leadership performance. Our Coaches use a results-focused process and take an active and directive role, challenging the individual and offering alternative ways to think about existing situations in order to bring about new behaviors with better results. One of our coaching models is Power Coaching®. This model builds on constructive feedback and proper goal setting to stretch the executive out of their comfort zone, helping them to achieve peak leadership performance.

Competency Modeling

Competency-based tools and applications have proven to be some of the best methodologies for aligning an organization’s vision and strategy with its people strategy. Effective competency models integrate and amplify functional HR disciplines such as recruitment, development, performance management, and rewards to enhance an organization’s ability to hire as well as develop the talent necessary to succeed. Our Consultants have significant depth in developing and implementing competency models for leadership, job families, culture fit, and deployment. We can create models through green field approaches such as critical event interviews, or through a variety of commercially available competency dictionaries. We focus on what best meets the business needs of our client.

Career Mapping

Most individuals working in today’s organizations perform better when they see a clear and understandable path to future positions within the organization. Career mapping helps the individual and organization understand the people flow throughout the organization therefore better optimizing that flow to fulfill the organization’s business strategy. Grahall identifies and designs robust career paths for talent within an organization. We then use these paths to help build individual capabilities so the company can meet its business priorities while fulfilling career paths for individual contributors. Grahall’s experience in position analysis and world-class diagnostic tools enable companies to ensure they have the right people in the right roles to drive business strategy. The result is a comprehensive picture of potential career paths, an understanding of the risks associated with different career moves, and preparation for successful transitions.

Succession Planning and Management

With a systematic approach to the identification and development of talent, effective succession planning and management may ensure that an organization’s leadership capability keeps pace with its business growth and challenges over time. Grahall’s research underpins our succession planning and management approach, giving us an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed in particular roles, and the personal attributes that are needed to meet each role’s accountability requirements. We also offer a full range of services to support succession needs, such as aligning mission-critical jobs with other criteria such as strategy and performance coaching.

Outplacement and Career Transition Services

The termination of key executives and employees is a fact of today’s organizational existence. Change in employment status as a result of these changes is an area that needs careful attention; the potential impact to the organization from severance payments or change-in-control provisions can, and often does, have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. Because successful right-sizing can ensure future organizational success, Grahall provides outplacement and career transition services to help mitigate and control the impact of displaced employees and key executives. Using our years of experience with clients representing many industries and sizes, we are able to help clarify employee responsibilities, performance expectations and grounds for termination as well as help resolve disputes. We are also able to assist clients in defining the most effective method for assuring a smooth transition from notification through potential financial and legal discussions to re-employment, if desired.