Organization Design and Development Services

Board Governance Services

Our approach to evaluating Board Governance focuses on roles and contributions. We match the requirements of the specific organization’s governance needs to the appropriate Board of Directors governance model in order to evaluate the Board’s effectiveness in governing corporation direction and executive compensation. Our approach is unique in our belief that general industry trends are not to be entirely relied on; the most effective Board Governance is determined by the organization itself. Our Consultants understand the challenges posed by today’s corporate governance environment and provide effective solutions in order to increase accountability and responsibility consistent with the needs of the organization.


Organization Design

Behind every great business strategy is an organization model that “gets it.” Too many of today’s organizations are better equipped to sustain themselves in yesterday’s competitive environment. Most are not prepared to take advantage of current technology and are holding onto organization designs of the past. Grahall Consultants have the practical experience to assist companies in choosing an organizational model that drives business strategy now and in the future.


Organization Development

Organizations are multifaceted entities. In order for an organization to really execute a business strategy, it has to be operating effectively on all cylinders. Today’s organizations are often out of sync with themselves. Their organization structure doesn’t work with the key processes or culture needed to compete in today’s marketplace. Companies that compete using yesterday’s structures, processes, culture and staffing practices have little chance of success in tomorrow’s competitive markets. Grahall Consultants have the practical experience to assist organizations in optimizing their practices to ensure their human capital has the tools to drive the business strategy.


Change Leadership and Management

With today’s environment changing more rapidly than ever before, it is important to have a resource of experienced consultants who can work cooperatively with an organization’s management team to identify, understand, interpret, and evolve the organization to not only survive a change but take advantage of it. Grahall Consultants have worked in all industries and in all size organizations and have on average over 20 years of experience constructively and positively leading clients through change initiatives in pursuit of important business goals. Often times, these efforts required fundamental change not just refinements. We have advanced diagnostic tools and solutions as well as Consultants ready to evaluate and redeploy an organization’s people resources to better accomplish its strategic goals. Our unique approach recognizes the importance of employee buy in and elicits an implementation partnership with line management.


Position Analysis/Job Documentation

If positions and their responsibilities are not designed effectively or communicated properly, instead of working to contribute to the organization’s success, many employees will simply be working to do what they think is appropriate. Grahall Consultants are some of the most effective in the world at reviewing jobs within organizations and determining how those positions contribute to the success of the enterprise. We have the largest library of position analysis diagnostic tools in the industry developed from over 300 position analysis assignments on tens of thousands of jobs for some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world. We have found that organizations are more successful when they are designed both from the top down and bottom up. When job descriptions are out-of-date and ineffective, then other related programs such as performance management, career pathing, succession planning, training, and development have little or no chance of success. There are many methods of providing job analysis, documentation and descriptions today that span the range of technologies, investments, and costs. An organization should spend only as much as necessary to get the returns it desires on the job documentation efforts. Grahall recognizes this in its approach to this issue.