Elliot Scott

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Elliot Scott is a consultant with Grahall, LLC. In his nearly two decades as a sales compensation and sales effectiveness consultant, Elliot has worked with over 100 clients in industries from aerospace to warehousing, with recent emphasis on consumer products, publishing, software, technology, and health insurance. He manages both large and small projects in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Areas of expertise include sales compensation assessment, re-design, scenario modeling, and communication; market assessment; customer segmentation and targeting; sales coverage and organization design; sales force sizing and territory mapping; and custom benchmarking surveys.

Prior to joining Grahall, Elliot has held senior sales effectiveness consulting roles at Towers Watson, The Alexander Group, and ZS Associates. In addition to project work, Elliot has written numerous articles on sales compensation and related topics for Workspan and other publications, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. For several years he designed and managed an industry-leading annual survey of pharmaceutical sales compensation practices, with participation from most of the industry. And for a time he managed the sales incentive plan administration for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, from design, to quota setting, to calculating and communicating payouts.

Some of his core beliefs as a consultant are that all recommendations should be backed up with quantitative data analysis, that clear and impactful communication of designs and solutions can be as important as the designs themselves, and that all consulting projects should be collaborative, intellectually stimulating, and fun.

Elliot lives in the New York area and has a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago.