Marvin Smith

508-272-3585 (direct)

Marvin L. Smith is a Consultant at Grahall, LLC. Marvin primarily works with small to mid- sized organizations and has a deep knowledge of all aspects of innovative teamwork and concentrates heavily on the human factors side of the equation.

He has facilitated ideation sessions and trained clients in North America, Canada, New Zealand and Brazil, where breakthroughs were the desired result. His local portfolio of Boston based clients have installed innovative cultures into the fiber of how they operate. He has success in resolving community and urban issues where personal and organizational breakthroughs are critical. He was a member of the Advisory Board of the Boston Management Consortium that supplied management skills to city managers and non-profit organizations. This program helped to reduce crime and increase the safety of selected neighborhoods while addressing community initiatives. At the time, Chicago and Atlanta referred to this as a best practice. Marvin has done strategy work with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind, Bentley University, Harvard Medical School and a number of other academic institutions and hospitals. He participated as facilitator in the 1st Annual Concordia Summit geared to reduce global terrorism.

In 2007 he became Chairperson of a CEO roundtable membership group with Vistage International the world’s largest CEO membership organization. He now runs a practice called Deliberate Synergy (DL) a term coined by George M. Prince, founder of Synectics, Inc .is also used by some current members of SynecticsWorld as well.

DL focuses on making disparate elements understandable and having them interact in a fertile environment toward creating new insights, attitudes, thinking and ways of working. Marvin enrolls clients to use the tools and behaviors of innovation that support the culture change necessary for sustaining an innovative culture.

Before joining Synectics, Marvin facilitated task forces on engine programs at the GE Aircraft Engine Div. hired the technical and manufacturing capability for the Camera division at Polaroid and was chiefly responsible for teamwork and teambuilding activities.

He is a learner and practitioner of the new management sciences such as; self-organizing systems, MindFree® (Prince& Logan), Managing Emotional Fields, and Coaching for Personal Mastery & Enhanced Performance. He has a B.A. in Psychology; Virginia Union University, an Advanced Organizational Development and Adult Education Program certificate; Boston University and has completed a Managing Technology and Innovation Program at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.