Nelson Garcia

Nelson Garcia is a Consultant at Grahall, LLC. Mr. Garcia has been consulting since 1982 in various areas in the investment management and insurance industries. He has in depth experience in the midsized bank and investment fund sectors of the financial services industry. He has worked in and advised clients on the management of non-performing residential mortgages and has expert knowledge of the purchasing, servicing, insuring and disposition of such.

He also advises clients on life, health and property insurance and the establishment of captive insurance programs saving considerable expense for those clients. He further advises high net worth individuals and significant institutions on the management of assets, pensions, 401(k)’s, and Independent Retirement Account’s (IRA’s).

Mr. Garcia’s advises all industries and specializes in consulting on pensions, corporate formation, family offices, and high net worth individuals on their investments, both traditional and alternative insurance opportunities and services.

In the past he has been the founding president of the Bergen County, New Jersey Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce. He was highlighted in the bestseller book Marketing to the Affluent written by Thomas J. Stanley.

Nelson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and has his Associates in Captive Insurance from the University of Vermont.