Robert D Birdsell

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Robert D Birdsell is a consultant for Grahall, LLC. Over his 30 years career, he has specialized in designing and funding benefit liabilities for corporations throughout the US. And he will now head up the “non-qualified” practice at Grahall for the upper Midwest region. He has had extensive experience in the securities industry having designed and managed attraction and retention plans for several dozen securities firms over the last 15 years. Although traditional non qualified deferred compensation has been his primary area of expertise, with the prospect of higher taxes, the lack of security of the plan benefits, and the enactment of 409A, Bob has developed a new approach to wealth accumulation, and although deferred compensation will remain an important component to executive wealth accumulation, it can now be augmented with an attractive alternative.

He has written numerous articles on the subject and spoken to peer professionals in compensation consulting, law and accounting on the tools and intricacies of total wealth management and executive benefits for the executive suite.

Mr. Birdsell was the founder of Capital Financial Group, and was a Principal with Clark Consulting and a former Managing Director of Retirement Capital based in San Diego prior to joining Grahall. He maintains an affiliation with EBS a consulting firm based in Boston.

Bob received a Bachelor’s degree in business from Loras College and holds the CLU professional designation from the American College He is married and has four grown children.