Robert Damigella

Robert Damigella is a consultant with Grahall, LLC. He has more than 20 years of experience in finance including private equity and hedge funds, as well as real estate, and mortgage investing with a focus on alternative assets such as distressed mortgage assets.

He has a high level of expertise in traditional areas of consulting such as organization design and development, sales and marketing alignment and implementation, as well as leadership development to name a few. In addition he has a demonstrated expertise in other more unique areas such as hedge fund set up, capital raising, management and compensation practices, business plan creation and valuation consulting, whole loan mortgage resolution strategies, along with deal structure and design.

This has led him to develop a strong knowledge base in securities, and securities regulation particularly as related to mortgage resolution management. He is competent and capable of advising in all facets of mortgage portfolio strategies and the impact that recent widespread and complex changes in securities regulation will have. He has additional expertise in establishing strong partnerships and employing innovative approaches and solutions to emerging and mature businesses.

His first decade in finance was spent mostly with the Investment Banking Firm of Lehman Brothers as Senior Vice President. His experience with investments and investment management earned him a variety of distinguished service awards as a member of both the Chairman’s Council and Director’s Council while employed at Lehman Brothers.

He brings with him a background in wealth management and planning, Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), this background has allowed him to create financial solutions for individuals, businesses and institutions alike.

Mr. Damigella has been a Financial Contributor/writer for a variety of international, national & locally published periodicals including South Florida CEO Magazine and Caribbean Magazine to name a few.

Mr. Damigella has earned his MBA from the JL Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelor of Science from Bentley University in Boston.